Lockex is a local company specialising in upgrading door and window locks to meet the requirements of home insurance policies. Most people don't look closely at their home insurance policy documents and just assume that if anything happens to their home, the insurance company will automatically pay up.

This is not usually the case. Any substantial claim will be assessed by the insurance company and among the first things to be checked will be your door and window locks. If any door or window does not have the required standard of lock, the policy could be void and the insurance company will not be obliged to pay up. Most insurance companies insist on a minimum requirement of:

  •         Timber front door - 5 lever mortice lock to BS3621:04
  •         PVCu front door - multipoint locking with secure lock cylinder
  •         Other doors - mortice lock plus key operated security bolts to top/bottom
  •         French/Patio Doors - Key operated locks to top/bottom of each opening leaf
  •         Windows - Key operated locks to all ground floor and accessible windows

At Lockex we can assess your lock security and advise you on the best course of action. The first thing for you to do is to check the wording on your insurance policy, then, if you're unsure about the standard of your door and window locks, give us a call on 07914 212295 and we'll check things out for you - free of charge and without obligation

If you've got a upvc or composite door with a multipoint locking system you may think that your home is secure. Unfortunately, the multipoint locking system on your door is only as secure as the lock cylinder, which is now vulnerable to lock snapping and lock bumping techniques being used by thieves to enter our homes. It can take as little as a minute to open a door fitted with a conventional cylinder. However, new lock cylinders on the market can rectify this problem, giving an economical way to bring peace of mind. Call or email us for a quote.