Rejuvenate your upvc door

We go to plenty of houses where the homeowners are considering buying a new door to replace their old one. There are a few reasons they might want to do this, such as the door is difficult to operate or is old fashioned or might be considered to be a bit worn out. Older upvc doors can look very tired due to normal wear and tear, and also because of changing door styles since it was first installed.

To buy a good quality door can cost from about £600 upwards, but there is a more economical way. For about a third of the price  you can change all of the door furniture (handles, letterbox etc) and fit a stylish new door panel to make your door look it's best again.

The pictures below show a door we've recently refurbished in Blyth. This customer was considering a new door but decided to refurbish the existing door instead with excellent results.

The old gold coloured handles, letterbox and key cylinder were replaced by modern chrome fittings, and the old panel was exchanged for a stylish one with etched glass in the top. The door was also adjusted and lubricated to work as good as new.