Recovering at Home

I’ve been back at home for nearly 5 weeks now and my recovery is going well. I’m regaining some of the weight I lost in hospital and my wife, Ali, is managing to conjure up amazing variations in my diet considering the limitations on what I can eat. It’s now a case of building up my strength and continuing with the regular hospital visits to check that all is well. There’s still a long way to go but we’re all staying positive.

Fighting Back

It was on this day 2 weeks ago that I ended up in intensive care at the RVI in Newcastle. I've had a couple of operations so far with another one due on Monday, so the fightback is well underway! I'd like to thank all of the fantastic staff here at the RVI for the top class treatment I'm receiving - I really am in the best place possible.


Unfortunately due to my recent accident while travelling on the A1 I am unable to work until 2019.

I received serious injuries following a lump of metal coming through the windscreen of my van and hitting me. I now need a period of recovery and recuperation.

My lovely family and close friends are getting me through this and I hope to update with progress as it happens.

Where We Work

Lockex is now Trading Standards Approved

As a member of Checked & Vetted, Lockex is now Trading Standards Approved giving customers old and new the reassurance of high standards. If you're unsure whether to contact us for advice or a repair, why not take a look at our reviews on Checked and Vetted.

You can find the Checked and Vetted link button on our home page and see that we've got over 500 reviews with an overall score of 5 stars. 


Rejuvenate your upvc door

We go to plenty of houses where the homeowners are considering buying a new door to replace their old one. There are a few reasons they might want to do this, such as the door is difficult to operate or is old fashioned or might be considered to be a bit worn out. Older upvc doors can look very tired due to normal wear and tear, and also because of changing door styles since it was first installed.

To buy a good quality door can cost from about £600 upwards, but there is a more economical way. For about a third of the price  you can change all of the door furniture (handles, letterbox etc) and fit a stylish new door panel to make your door look it's best again.

The pictures below show a door we've recently refurbished in Blyth. This customer was considering a new door but decided to refurbish the existing door instead with excellent results.

The old gold coloured handles, letterbox and key cylinder were replaced by modern chrome fittings, and the old panel was exchanged for a stylish one with etched glass in the top. The door was also adjusted and lubricated to work as good as new.


Oil your locks and save some money!

The main advice I always give to customers when I visit their property for a repair is to make sure they oil the hardware on their doors and windows at least once a year. So many times I've been called out because a door or window is difficult to lock and the only thing wrong is that the locking mechanism hasn't been oiled, either for a long time or sometimes ever!

When either a door or window mechanism is completely dry it can cause small breakages such as a snapped window handle (see pictures) or a much more expensive failed gearbox to a door locking mechanism. Oiling also protects from corrosion caused by the damp, salty air we get near the coast.

It's not a difficult job to oil your locks, just use WD40 or similar and spray the metal strip along the opening edge of your door or window, and if possible spray into the housing containing any pop out bolts or hooks. Also spray the metal parts attached to the door or window frame to protect them from the weather.


Extra Safety for Doors & Windows

Upvc doors and windows are built to be convenient and easy to use. If you want some fresh air, just open the window and it stays where you put it. You can open it a little bit or have it wide open. The down side of this is if you've got children (or even pets) who might want to push an upstairs window open a bit more and could be in danger of falling out. Most outward opening windows have a 'night vent' locking position, but this might not give as much ventilation as you want, or you might not lock you're window handles all of the time.

One solution is to fit a window restrictor. These come in a few different forms which can all be retro fitted. There cable restrictors which require a key to undo, or concealed catches which require two hands to open and are difficult for children to operate. It's also possible to fit restrictor friction stays which replace the existing window hinges and again have a two handed operation to open.

Doors are similar except they don't have anything to stop them blowing in the wind once opened. Again a cable restrictor could be fitted to allow ventilation or, for outward opening doors we could fit a restrctor stay which will prevent the door from slamming shut or swinging back onto brickwork (which can break the hinges and/or mis-align the door).

For a quote & some free advice please get in touch.

Cable restrictor (key operated)

Cable restrictor (key operated)

Concealed catch 

Concealed catch 

Door restrictor stay

Door restrictor stay

Difficult to operate upvc doors


  • The door handle is difficult to operate
  • The door handle won't go all the way up when locking
  • The door key is difficult to turn 
  • The key won't come out once the door is locked
  • The door catches as it's closing
  • The door is drafty or loose when locked

If your upvc door shows any of the symptoms listed above, then it needs a service. By doing this you can prolong the life of the door and save yourself from a much bigger bill in the future. Give us a call and we'll have your door working like new.

Spot the Difference - Door Repair in Ashington

Have a look at the two pictures below. The top one shows an inward opening rear door with a drip moulding fitted. The drip moulding is fixed to the bottom of the opening part of the door (the door sash) and is there to deflect rainwater over the thresh. Without a drip moulding, water can run straight onto the rubber seal (gasket) and find it's way to the inside of the door frame. During heavy rain the rainwater can flood the thresh of the frame and leak into the house causing damage to flooring.

In fact all doors should have a drip moulding fitted, but it's an easy thing to miss off during manufacture to save money, so if you look at upvc doors as you walk down a street, half of them probably won't have one.

The bottom picture shows the same door in Ashington after Lockex fitted a new drip moulding to the door. This customer was complaining of water ingress making the carpets wet at both the front and rear doors.

Internal door handle replacement - a new service from Lockex

After having a few recent requests to fit replacement internal door handles, we have decided to add this to the list of services we provide. It's amazing the difference some shiny new handles can make by giving a more luxurious look and feel to your doors.

The existing door handles in your home may well have been in use for decades and could be looking a bit tired or worn, in which case, give us a call and get a free quote. It is also quite popular these days to upgrade door handles to match new decor, and given the vast choice of modern and retro hardware available there is sure to be something out there to suit everyone's taste. The most requested finish at the moment is a combination of chrome and stainless steel which gives a real contemporary look.